Email and GroupWare

The computer center runs a central email system with functions such as central mail administration, group and distribution lists, Webmail, SPAM filter, virus protection, mailing lists and a calendar.

All students and staff at Fulda University therefore can use an email account on the central email servers of the computer center.

Please note that all announcements and information about the services of the computer center are addressed to the students’ and employees’ university email addresses!

Account and email address

You will receive an account for the email system automatically on enrolling at Fulda University or when you start employment at Fulda University. We regret that, currently, adjunct lecturers (Lehrbeauftragte) cannot receive an email address.

The email address is generated dynamically and is composed of your first name and last name. In case of name conflicts, a number is added to the name. In case of double names, the second name is added with a hyphen. Email addresses have the following form:

First name.last

The user name to access you email inbox is your fd number.

The following settings apply regarding storage space and attachments:

User group Email storage space Maximum attachment size
Staff 20 GB 60 MB
Students 5 GB 60 MB

Access types and server settings

Our mail service supports the IMAP and SMTP protocols. In addition, access to the e-mail inbox is of course also possible via webmail. Please note that all access types are only possible via encrypted connections (SSL/TLS).

Service Server Port Funktion Authentification
Webmail fdnumber/password
IMAP 993 (SSL) or 143 (STARTTLS) email retrieval fdnumber/password
SMTP 587 (STARTTLS) sending emails fdnumber/password

To login to your mailbox, use your fd number and the corresponding password.

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