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User account (fd-number)

All students who are enrolled at Fulda University of Applied Sciences receive a user account (fd number) before the beginning of their studies. You need the fd number to use the services of the computer center. Your access data are composed of a user name and a password and have the following format (example):

User Name:    fdpg1234
Password:     xxxxxxxx

To register for WLAN at Fulda University (eduroam) the user name must be extended in the following way:

User name:

Application for a user account

  • Students
    Students receive their user name automatically before the beginning of their studies. It is sent to the email address that you gave when you applied at Fulda University
  • Staff
    Employees need to fill ia a form and send it to the computer center.


The initial password must be changed after the first log-on. You should also change it immediately if you suspect others to know your password!

Please keep your password strictly confidential! Under no circumstance should you give it to another person. No member of the computer center will ever ask you to give your password to us or to other persons.

Change password

The password can be changed via Webmail or in the PC pools at Fulda University. Please note the instructions at Change password.

Forgot password

If you forgot your password, you can receive a new one at the computer center. Please bring your student ID or another piece of identification (e.g. your passport). We know this is a problem during the shutdown. Please contact the computer center

Locked Account

If your password is entered incorrectly too many times, your account will be locked temporarily for security reasons. The account will be unlocked automatically after 3 hours - or on request at the service center of the computer center.

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